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Soul'd Out - EDGE

  • Shinnosuke/Bro.Hi
  • ~Bro.Hi
  • [1st verse/Bro.Hi]
  • Word up! I'm gonna rock you!
  • Make a big groove Bring it Back μReal Moovement
  • ˤޤϤMyꎤμ It is quick ꌝ(That's right!)
  • Yһ ¤ꖤVibesޤ ѥ
  • Ǥɤĥ My style (Yeah!)
  • HܤBetter һҊ`ԪҊLife style ͬ Yһ
  • 0 You know? ˿̤ Pass word"EDGE"
  • 줬᪵ My word gage gets o
  • ؤؤԭ Target δ餺
  • FrǤФ I'm fightin' to tha world
  • Yes! ФΤޤ ˤʤ̥դФ
  • Now I kill laughing at my world
  • ǛQޤ B R Owhat?
  • [3rd verse/Bro.Hi]
  • 㤫꤭ū Ӥä Around tha world
  • "Power display" Oh what a S Boredom
  • Trap and trick My life
  • Step end jab end hook straight! You knock down!
  • Get down motha fucka! It's final count down
  • You give up early äȤg
  • Oh shit! Dead men tell no tales
  • Full spec Who is Story teller?!
  • Come on follows! Hey Stranger
  • ä I told Ya Survivor!
  • Become stronger like a ŤFighter!
  • I'll be a fuckin' sniper! Shooter is from fire!!!

  • Soul'd OutEDGE

    Soul'd Out¸
    Soul'd OutEDGEиʰȨߣּƬ˾вֻڷҵ;ο
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