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Hitimez - Stand Up Now

  • 作曲:Hi-Timez
  • 作詞:Hi-Timez
  • ~Hook~
  • Stand up now
  • Stand up now
  • -Massattack-
  • I am an Asian rapper
  • Yes I am Yellow color
  • Yeah we might be crazy about dollar
  • Some book say stereo type shit
  • Same all same all till we change it
  • Which is tough I know, but we all have proud of to be so yellow
  • You wanna laugh son? ok go ahead
  • Still keep on the top? I blow ya head
  • Asian can't rap? Asian can't jump?
  • When we made it they'd call yellow and Jap
  • I got a patient son
  • I learned to survive this life
  • I burned hateful inside
  • Devil and Angel in the two worlds
  • We have a choice to live in the both worlds
  • Fight for me and fight for you and all the mothafucks can't speak so true
  • Their rules we follow is wondering because they eat sushi and dumpling
  • ~Bridge~
  • Still Still Still Still
  • Still they don't know about us right
  • The world goes for Black & White
  • We are wondering why
  • we smiling too much
  • I believe war is never be forgiven
  • Their voice is givens
  • ~Hook~
  • Stand up now
  • Stand up now
  • -Tarantula-
  • It's asian rap wit crazy acc
  • That sound lil' strange but it ain't maniac
  • "nah mean?"とやって真似んじゃな無く
  • 「わたし」入りshit is dangerous
  • I ain't typical, you seen me flippin' 五十音
  • Braggin' my roots母音あいうえお
  • Know the ledge 最早so impressed
  • See who all major league and Hollywood
  • Makin' real green it's nine or ten figures
  • Makin' the dream come true, the big pictures
  • Used to pay dues just to get by
  • Everyday struggle touch the 世界
  • Reminder "What's original as a asian?"
  • Get yo ID made in Japan
  • なんとなくwanna beじゃ届かない
  • jus' be yourself, I play to win
  • -Massattack-
  • Are you asking why I rappin?
  • I rap because it's one thing, true love of this music
  • You say its kids music but I don't care I don't care
  • I can't play any instrument I can't sing but I could tell about myself on the beat
  • on the street on the roof for my peep for my rule for Asian Nationality
  • Some wise guys say to me
  • If you living your life truly you must show your ID
  • Which means prove it to walk on by
  • Don't try if you have no style the style can't be never be somebody's
  • You can search from Japan to Hungary we keep representin' even you disagree
  • ~Hook~
  • Stand up now
  • Stand up now

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