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Hitimez - Message'04

  • 作曲:Massattack
  • 作詞:Hi-Timez
  • -Massattack-
  • Sugar hill, BDP, Slick Rick and Dana Dane
  • All show the real art format
  • They informed it to the other stage
  • I want my juice to be me so
  • I rock the funky joint and ask my people
  • They told me to make a demo from zero
  • Which is nothin' but possibilities are infinity
  • And I made it "it's a demo (demo)" like Kool G Rap's fellow not
  • mellow and I paased out my demo but, I ain't heard anything since my
  • demo lasts one and my outcome was none so. What I'm gonna do is hustle
  • hard pimp hard without living, work and green card
  • I checked the mirror on the wall my world was so narrow
  • But I felt the world is mine so keep my head up like 2pac and Bggie
  • You are my heroes always so rest in piece
  • -Tarantula-
  • I used to be one of the Hip Hop freak
  • ませた小学生じゃ重要な 4elements も解らずに
  • MC, DJ, grafitti and breakin' rock steady
  • 後に知った Bambaata, Whoodini and Fab five freddy
  • 時代はまさに MC Hammer 「U can't touch this」
  • but to me, やっぱBDP とか PE
  • 暗記するまで叩き込んだヤベェ message の basic
  • back in the day that era was my oasis
  • 同様に lookin'up Japanese originator
  • Krush Posse, Major Force and Microphone pager
  • しらねぇじゃ済まさねぇぞ「Hardcore hawaiian」
  • 駆け出しじゃ出せないイナタさがまたやばいじゃん
  • 2turn tables and a mic its magic
  • Native tongue, Black moon, Nasty nas 「illmatic」
  • today, I'm on the mic and representin' Hi-Timez
  • makin' the recognize da dope steez. Like the Last samurai

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